Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Problem With Samoan Tattoo Designs On Nike Brand

The problem with Nike using the inspiration of OUR CULTURE without consulting with the ISLANDERS is offensive because TRIBAL TATTOO is not some BRAND to us! It's our CULTURE! It's our LIFE! It represents who we are as a family! When we get tatted we have a story behind it whether it be about family or about our culture and tradition or just specifically about WHO WE ARE AS POLYNESIAN PEOPLE! 

Like some people they don't understand why it's offensive to us because this is not their culture! If we put the INDIANS on there like what happened with the mascots, it would be offensive. You don't mess with someone's culture! Especially SAMOANS! Because OUR PRIDE IS ALL WE HAVE! We are not major in the world like other countries. We are a poor third-world country struggling to survive.

We are not the only ones. So before you go and STEAL our designs please make sure you talk it out with the OWNERS first. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Makeup Look Of The Day :)

This is a sunset giveaway contest I entered. I used COASTAL SCENTS 120 PALETTE 1st Edition with E.L.F. Teal Cream Eyeliner.
If you would like an editorial please lemme know :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Purple And Blue Makeup Look

Here is my makeup look I made today using this beautiful flower for inspiration! :) hope you like it <3

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Rebel Princesses Collaboration

As always my favorite princess is PRINCESS AURORA! :) feel free to follow me on Instagram : makeupjunkie408.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Very First MAC Product

My Very First Mac Product! I bought Violetta and I have to tell you Purple Great color for me! And I absolutely love the feel of this lipstick! I love that it slides on to my lips smoothly and the color is very rich! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜

Monday, July 1, 2013


Be fashionably punkish, yet still high maintenance! Anything with spikes and nude high heels will set you on your way to fashion forward without even having to try.


Casual Love

I obviously would die for these boots if they had it in my size. But overall mint color is definitely destined for summertime color schemes. Add in black skinny jeans and a belt and you are set! Enjoy Beauties.

Casual Love

America The Beautiful

Proud to Be An America? I know I sure Am! <3 
America The Beautiful

Friday, June 28, 2013

Makeup Collaboration :) Pink and Turquoise

My makeup collaboration based off high fashionable products! :) hosted by the beautiful @sweetbliss22tquez on Instagram! 😘😘😘😘

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MAKEUP of the day!

green is my favorite color! and I was absolutely in lov with this smokey eyed look ! 
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My Makeup Wishlist

This is my makeup wishlist on items that I do not have.

1. Naked 1 Palette

2. Naked 2 Palette

3. Anastasia Bold & Beautiful Kit

4. Anastasia Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powder

5. Beauty Blenders

6. Lime Crime Lipsticks (Any)

7. MAC lipsticks

8. Anastasia Hypercolor Brow & Lash Tint

 9. Urban Decay Silver Vault of 24/7 Liners

10. Sugar Pills Cosmetics EyeShadows

11. ColouredRaine Lipsticks (any)

12. OCC Lip Tart

13. Real Techniques Brushes (all)

14. Sigma Brushes

15. Sedona Lace Brushes


If you want to follow me you can definitely follow me on PINTEREST! I post a lot of beauty and makeup looks as well as anything else I love. I am a human being I love about everything!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I am having a giveaway on INSTAGRAM so if you want please follow me @makeupjunkie408! 
Rules for the giveaway are on this original picture and if you want to win please join! the prizes are these two amazing palettes: BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette and ELF 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette :) giveaway ends July 16! So please join! LOVE YOU GUYS! :)

My Second Makeup Collaboration

This is my piece for my makeup collaboration I did which was a Louis Vitton, Chanel, Coach collaboration! I am absolutely proud of my piece but I have to admit I am not good with drawing on myself. lol Makeup is my addiction and I am learning more and more on what colors fit me well :) like pink is my absolute favorite! 
Please follow me on Instagram @makeupjunkie408 ! I would love to do some reviews and some other makeup looks soon :) 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reggaefest is Coming Up

So with the Island ReggaeFest coming up soon, I decided to go with reggae colors for this weeks look. 
Start off every look with applying PRIMER to make the colors last longer instead of creasing.
1- Apply your preferred eye primer, in this case I used the ELF eyelid primer.
2- Apply whatever green color you have in the INNER CORNER of your eyes. *Dont worry about passing crease because there won't be any crease color.*
3- Apply the brightest yellow you have to the middle of your eyelid. 
4- Apply the red to the outside corners of your eyes.
5- now blend the top to get rid of any harsh lines. I used a tannish brown with a blending brush to blend all three colors together and not ruin the look. 
6- Add eyeliner and mascara and you are complete. 
this look is really simple and easy and I absolutely love reggae colors. Being an islander makes you so addicted to these four colors that you can blend them altogether and still look amazing. Leave me a comment on what you guys think :( have a great day my makeup fairies! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My First Makeup Collaboration on IG

As everyone knows, I am still a beginner with makeup. I am not a professional and I did not take school for beauty either. But these are my personal opinions. I love everything about makeup and this was my very first collaboration with amazing ladies on instagram.

Feel Free to follow me if you like: @MAKEUPJUNKIE408

I hosted my very first makeup collaboration on instagram. And what better choice to do than the NFL Football Teams... Especially with the upcoming new season. I absolutely love these ladies and definitely are worth following. My part and team was the 49ers. If you must know, I am a die hard 49ers fan and cannot wait for the season to come already. Anyways, who said makeup junkies cannot be sports fans??? :) I have more makeup collaborations coming up soon. Stay tuned, and God Bless.

And HAPPY FATHER'S DAYS TO MY GRANDPAS AND DADDY!!! I love you both dearly and definitely wouldn't be anywhere in this world without your loves. Stay blessed and Stay safe. 

comment below for more ideas for collaborations , what you would like to see from me and if you liked or not. Also please follow my facebook page and like :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Now On Facebook and Youtube :)

Please please please follow me on Facebook and on Youtube ! Will be posting every Friday from now on onto my Youtube channel and will be posting everyday on my Facebook page !

I will be random on my Youtube channel and all about makeup on my Facebook account. 

Beauty Blogs

Ever since I started reading a lot of beauty blogs, I have decided to make one of my own. But like my youtube channel, I don't want it to just be about beauty but also about what I want it to be.Who do you look up to to get you to where you are now? please leave me a comment below if you like to see more. Below are a list of my favorite beauty gurus.

Melmphs aka Melissa is one of my all-time favorites because she is so bubbly and so full of life that it is hard not to love her. Some don't like her because of her accent, or whatever! I think that is just plain nonsense. She is beautiful and absolutely adorable. She does a wide range of things from Tutorials Reviews and Makeup Hits and Misses. She is definitely worth watching ! Please follow her and subscribe to her Youtube channel; she is aca-awesome !

Carlibel is also one of my all-time favorites. She is beautiful and great at what she does. She also does Tutorials, Reviews, and Beauty Hauls. She even goes as far as to do all the youtube tags if she wants. I love her professionalism and her personality. It doesn't seem fake at all, like most people I have seen before. One of the main things that has caught my attention with Carli when I was looking for makeup tutorials was the fact that EVERY VIDEO HAS AN INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE IN THE BEGINNING before she starts. She is a positive influence to anyone watching and I have yet to find something I don't like about her. She is beautiful and definitely worth watching. Please go to her Youtube page and subscribe to her. 

Jaclyn is a Mac Makeup Artist, whom I loved from the beginning because she keeps it real. I know some people have bashed on her because they think that she is getting paid to say some stuff in her reviews but I believe that she is an amazing person. I followed her on keek and absolutely love her personality. She is very carefree and absolutely beautiful. Majority of the videos I have seen have been about Beauty Tutorials Reviews and Youtube tags. She does monthly favorites and other things as well. She is very detailed and it is no wonder she is a Mac MUA. But like everyone here, she is human. I recommend following her and subscribing to her Youtube channel as well. 

Last but definitely not least, my very first youtube beauty guru that I ever watched, MICHELLE PHAN! She is beautiful and creative. She is the founder of Ipsy Glam Bags. I was happy to have subscribed to her from the start because she has a variety of videos based on beauty. She is still my favorite and I cannot wait to meet her at the Generation Beauty this year ! She keeps some videos very simple and easy for us to follow. She is my idol and what inspired me to become a beauty blogger and MUA. Please follow and subscribe to her Youtube Channel. :)

Please leave me a comment on who is your favorite beauty guru or who inspired you to be who you are now :) Thanks for reading and God Bless!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Ipsy Glam bag is definitely worth buying. For only $10 I got samples that cost a total of over $50. Everyone gets something different and it is all based on what your test results are like. So when you first enter, they have you take a test based on YOUR preference and YOUR ideal looks. Once you are complete they will match up to what they seem is a perfect fit for you. NOT EVERYONE GETS THE SAME THING BECAUSE EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

My May Glam Bag consists of:
1 - Mirabella Color Sheer (bellarina)
2- Pacifica's Island Vanilla Perfume Roll-On
3- Yaby Concealer Refill (buff)
4- Anastaisa Beverly Hills Brow Gel
5- Zoya Nail Polish (Gie Gie)
Mirabella -$22
Pacifica - $12
Yaby - $4.85
Anastasia - $22
Zoya - $8
Total Retail price - $68.85 and i only got it for $10!

It is definitely worth the price and ALOT of people complain about what they got and they didn't like it but I think it is definitely worth the price!!! Its the real product so I am definitely recommending it to everyone :)


I have watched many YouTube videos on how to perfect my makeup to at least look decent to walk outside with and I am still nowhere near my desired comfort level. But sooner or later, I found out what works best for me.


I have constantly played with my makeup like ten times a day to make looks that look DECENT! Now the key word is DECENT, not PROFESSIONAL. I have yet to still master blending and in motion to start creating my own looks. Its definitely not easy but with a little bit of practice, I learned what is best for me with my eye shape (hooded eyes) and color (brown eyes). Bright colors definitely bring out the dark color of my eyes. So most of the time I stick to blue, pink, and yellow. But because brown is really neutral, any colors will work. I love warm colors because it makes me look natural but sometimes you have to do the extreme and go all out.

But in order to know what works best for you and your style, practice trial and error to see what looks good or not. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT and no one knows you best but yourself! YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY and only you can judge whether you like the way you look or not.

Please leave a comment below on how you dealt with your first time using makeup. Have a blessed day lovelies! :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

TEAL Ladies vs Tomboys

Ever had that moment when you were stuck between hanging with one of the guys or trying to be one of the girls? Growing up with thousands of brothers set me back a little bit in the FEMALE world. I normally was taller than most of the kids my age so I chose to hang out with the guys. Yes I did dress like a Guy. I wore cuttoff shirts and basketball shorts and sweats. That was my daily routine. I was really a tomboy. I couldn't stand Barbie dolls and makeup and definitely didn't want anything to do with skirts or dresses. Lol but as I hit puberty, lets just say the feminine side of me broke through. Its hard, you know, the transition from being so comfortable with guys to dressing like a girl. I would constantly get the "Who you trying to look pretty for?" Questions and my brothers would always tell me to go change my clothes. My self-esteem wasn't as high as it was when I wear sweats or basketball shorts. Its not easy, let me tell you. From the many jokes to the harsh judgment from my peers, I learned that no matter what they say, you have to show them like the pro you are that you are confident and beautiful. I am still not comfortable wearing makeup like professionals but little by little I am learning that no matter what, I am my own worst enemy. And dont think just because my feminine side kicked in, that i still dont dress like a Guy. I was raised by majority of my brothers; it is only right that I sometimes dress like them lol. I just learned how to walk in heels with my head held high and not listen to the bull that people have to say. All I need to judge me is myself and God. Have a blessed day. Leave a comment below about your story :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Love Pink VS

Ever walk into Victoria's Secret and felt a little bit overwhelmed? I do sometimes because majority of the time when I am trying to look for a bra size they don't have mine. Let alone I am a plus size girl, so basically I feel like I don't even belong there. *sad face* but I do love their PINK collection and would love to shop there but I guess I can just settle for their lotions and perfumes instead. Lol Have a great day everyone :) Leave me a comment below on what you think about Victoria's Secret and If there is any alternative to their products that I can use. Blessed day :)

Guess Girl