Monday, May 13, 2013

TEAL Ladies vs Tomboys

Ever had that moment when you were stuck between hanging with one of the guys or trying to be one of the girls? Growing up with thousands of brothers set me back a little bit in the FEMALE world. I normally was taller than most of the kids my age so I chose to hang out with the guys. Yes I did dress like a Guy. I wore cuttoff shirts and basketball shorts and sweats. That was my daily routine. I was really a tomboy. I couldn't stand Barbie dolls and makeup and definitely didn't want anything to do with skirts or dresses. Lol but as I hit puberty, lets just say the feminine side of me broke through. Its hard, you know, the transition from being so comfortable with guys to dressing like a girl. I would constantly get the "Who you trying to look pretty for?" Questions and my brothers would always tell me to go change my clothes. My self-esteem wasn't as high as it was when I wear sweats or basketball shorts. Its not easy, let me tell you. From the many jokes to the harsh judgment from my peers, I learned that no matter what they say, you have to show them like the pro you are that you are confident and beautiful. I am still not comfortable wearing makeup like professionals but little by little I am learning that no matter what, I am my own worst enemy. And dont think just because my feminine side kicked in, that i still dont dress like a Guy. I was raised by majority of my brothers; it is only right that I sometimes dress like them lol. I just learned how to walk in heels with my head held high and not listen to the bull that people have to say. All I need to judge me is myself and God. Have a blessed day. Leave a comment below about your story :)