Saturday, June 8, 2013


I have watched many YouTube videos on how to perfect my makeup to at least look decent to walk outside with and I am still nowhere near my desired comfort level. But sooner or later, I found out what works best for me.


I have constantly played with my makeup like ten times a day to make looks that look DECENT! Now the key word is DECENT, not PROFESSIONAL. I have yet to still master blending and in motion to start creating my own looks. Its definitely not easy but with a little bit of practice, I learned what is best for me with my eye shape (hooded eyes) and color (brown eyes). Bright colors definitely bring out the dark color of my eyes. So most of the time I stick to blue, pink, and yellow. But because brown is really neutral, any colors will work. I love warm colors because it makes me look natural but sometimes you have to do the extreme and go all out.

But in order to know what works best for you and your style, practice trial and error to see what looks good or not. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT and no one knows you best but yourself! YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY and only you can judge whether you like the way you look or not.

Please leave a comment below on how you dealt with your first time using makeup. Have a blessed day lovelies! :)

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