Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reggaefest is Coming Up

So with the Island ReggaeFest coming up soon, I decided to go with reggae colors for this weeks look. 
Start off every look with applying PRIMER to make the colors last longer instead of creasing.
1- Apply your preferred eye primer, in this case I used the ELF eyelid primer.
2- Apply whatever green color you have in the INNER CORNER of your eyes. *Dont worry about passing crease because there won't be any crease color.*
3- Apply the brightest yellow you have to the middle of your eyelid. 
4- Apply the red to the outside corners of your eyes.
5- now blend the top to get rid of any harsh lines. I used a tannish brown with a blending brush to blend all three colors together and not ruin the look. 
6- Add eyeliner and mascara and you are complete. 
this look is really simple and easy and I absolutely love reggae colors. Being an islander makes you so addicted to these four colors that you can blend them altogether and still look amazing. Leave me a comment on what you guys think :( have a great day my makeup fairies! 

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