Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Problem With Samoan Tattoo Designs On Nike Brand

The problem with Nike using the inspiration of OUR CULTURE without consulting with the ISLANDERS is offensive because TRIBAL TATTOO is not some BRAND to us! It's our CULTURE! It's our LIFE! It represents who we are as a family! When we get tatted we have a story behind it whether it be about family or about our culture and tradition or just specifically about WHO WE ARE AS POLYNESIAN PEOPLE! 

Like some people they don't understand why it's offensive to us because this is not their culture! If we put the INDIANS on there like what happened with the mascots, it would be offensive. You don't mess with someone's culture! Especially SAMOANS! Because OUR PRIDE IS ALL WE HAVE! We are not major in the world like other countries. We are a poor third-world country struggling to survive.

We are not the only ones. So before you go and STEAL our designs please make sure you talk it out with the OWNERS first. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Makeup Look Of The Day :)

This is a sunset giveaway contest I entered. I used COASTAL SCENTS 120 PALETTE 1st Edition with E.L.F. Teal Cream Eyeliner.
If you would like an editorial please lemme know :)